The first Brazilian cryptobank is coming

With Bancryp and the XBANC token you can use your cryptocurrencies to pay in physical stores and enjoy the services that only a cryptobank can provide.



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Use cryptocurrency in your everyday life

Instant Payments
You pay with your cryptocurrencies and retailers receive in local money
Negotiate and exchange cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks
Services like loans, consortiums and lines of credit in the Blockchain
Payment of bills
Pay your bills and refill your phone balance

Complete, Disruptive and Decentralized

With the XBANC token you have absolute freedom to use several cryptocurrencies in your everyday life

Official Bancryp Video

Pay with cryptocurrencies

With Bancryp Move, you just wave it near the reader and pay

You don’t need an App to pay with your cryptocurrencies. With Bancryp Move, you just place your wristband with NFC technology close to the reader and pay.

  • No need to charge it
  • Waterproof
  • Safe, with no data storage
  • Up to 3 security levels during its use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Instant Payment

Your cryptobank: any time, any place

In addition to the Bancryp Move, the Bancryp App allows you to make retail and online payments, as well as to pay your water, electricity and phone bills and refill your cell phone.

You’ll never have to manage your cryptocurrencies in different wallets and exchanges to negotiate and exchange anywhere in the world again. Bancryp offers you a robust platform so that, in a few clicks, you can negotiate currencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP or BANC Token.

You can make transfers with all your currencies between Bancryp accounts and external wallets anywhere in the world, with no limits. Additionally, we want to introduce the ability to make traditional transfers between banks.

Integration with Gateways
The integration of payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Pagseguro, Mercado Pago or Moip, allows you to negotiate and receive payments from other Bancryp users directly in your preferred platform.

Crypto-financial services
We will offer decentralized crypto-financial services from the Blockchain such as: Loans, Consortium, Financing, Installment Plans, and others. Thanks to the Blockchain and the Smart Contract technology, all services will be more secure, transparent, and capable of revolutionizing traditional services.

24/7 Chat Support
A fast and efficient customer service to help you solve any problems and save your time and money.

A cryptobank with conversion intelligence

Whenever you make a payment, our algorithm gives you, in just milliseconds, a risk assessment resulting from the data and statistics of each currency. This guarantees the best circumstances for the conversion.

Favorite Currencies
You can customize the App to make payments only with your favorite currencies.
Switch on the spot
At the time of payment, you can instantly switch the currency in order to pay with your selected choice.
Best exchange rate
When the automatic conversion happens, our algorithm ensures that the payment is made with the currency with the most beneficial exchange rate and best market opportunities.
PCI-DSS Certification
5 security levels for accounts
Compliance department
Multisig Wallet

Any business can accept cryptocurrency and receive in local money

Receive Bitcoins, LTC, ETH, XRP and many other cryptocurrencies
Immediately receive in local money
0,5% fee for withdrawal after 20 days and 1% after 2 days
Receive through dynamic or printed QR Code
API for integration and reception of e-commerce payments
Integration with the main POS softwares
Reader to accept payments with Bancryp Move and NFC devices
Sales reports and marketing tools for customer loyalty